Veterans' Reference Group

Peter Williams

Peter Williams is standing in front of a memorial wall

Peter Williams has served for 47 years as an Officer in both the ARA and ARES. He has served in several Corps including Artillery, Transport, Infantry and is still serving as an Officer in the Ordinance Corps. Peter has served in many Regimental appointments and as a Staff Officer in Head Quarters up to the Divisional level. He is a qualified Lead Planner in Coalition, International, Humanitarian/ Disaster Relief and Amphibious Planning.

Peter has a sound understanding of the issues and needs of young Veterans. Peter has completed several deployments which include Easter Timor,  Operation Sumatra Assist, The  Sudan seconded to the United Nations and with the United States Army in Regional  Command (South) Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Peter is a qualified Lead Auditor with over six years expertise in the conduct of Governance and Compliance Inspections. These inspections were mainly in the areas of Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Logistics / Supply. These compliance activities have been conducted in large organisations in varied locations throughout Australia.

Peter has high-level experience with Change Management Practise. He has been a Change Management Leader in the process of making, implementing, and communicating decisions that involved major changes to several large business models and organisations. These activities included work as Project Officer introducing new concepts for material provisioning in support of the introduction of new capability and for the purchase of an additional $40m in material support to existing projects.

Peter has a Graduate Diploma in Resource Management and Advanced Diploma of Logistic Management. He is a graduate of the Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific (EWTGPAC) San Diego and completed the Expeditionary Staff Planning (EWSP) and the International Coalition Staff Planning (ICSP) courses.

Peter has been a member in several RSL Clubs in Australia and he was a member of the Defence RSL for many years. He is currently the Secretary of the Launceston RSL and is the Club Museum Curator. He is also currently serving on the Board of RSL Tasmania as the Northern Director.

Peter is married to Katherine, and they currently reside in Launceston.