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Grant Herring

Grant Herring

Grant Herring is the former Manager for the Salvation Army Social Programs Development in Tasmania.

As State Manager of the Salvation Army’s Alcohol, other Drugs and Corrections recovery services, Grant established an agreement with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for provision of community-based treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders in Tasmania, specifically to meet the needs of veterans.

Originally from South Australia, Grant came to Tasmania in 1972 as a member of a project team to work in construction design, supervision and project management. This developed into a management role in the transport and logistics field, engaging with agriculture, viticulture and heavy industry.

Grant has also worked with the education sector advocating for parents, students and carers; with Drake International, the Beacon Foundation, and the Salvation Army in employment services delivery.

Grant’s engagements with the wider community sector through Board membership of the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council and Business East (business support services) has given him the opportunity to influence social policy and business outcomes.

A foundation member of JusTas, Grant actively seeks opportunity to improve outcomes from the justice system for individuals, their families and the community.

Winston Churchill’s statements that the ‘treatment of crime and criminals is an unfailing test of the civilisation; the stored-up strength of a nation’ has guided Grant’s work towards engagement of the whole of community in crime prevention and restorative practice.