Angus Swindon

Member Premiers' Disability Advisory Council

Angus Swindon is smiling. He is wearing a grey suit jacket, collared shirt and grey tie with a light pattern

Angus Swindon grew up in Melbourne and has lived and worked between Victoria and Queensland until settling in Tasmania in 2000.  He has worked in the renewable energy and sustainable water supply sector for 30 years, on the mainland and in Tasmania now for 20 years.

Angus is married with three young adult daughters, the eldest of whom was born with the genetic disability. Angus is a passionate advocate for the needs and rights of people with an intellectual disability, their carers and their support networks.

With a long history of interaction with the Tasmanian health services, engaging with the NDIA and a range of service providers, and learning to navigate the necessary path from early intervention to maximum independence, Angus wants to contribute to the improvement of access to services and opportunities for individuals and families dealing with an intellectual disability.

Angus is currently engaged in accessing post school vocational training, pathways to supported and open employment opportunities and appropriate supported adult accommodation within a risk-managed environment, and wants to assist government and policy makers create a landscape that supports families and carers navigate what is often a mine-field of organisations and process to secure good outcomes for often very vulnerable individuals.