Advisory groups provide advice and support to the Government on issues affecting population groups. The membership of these groups is made up of community members representing a broad range of interests. The Communities, Sport and Recreation Division provides support to the following advisory groups:

  • The Tasmanian Women's Council provides advice on issues of importance to women and contributes to the development of strategies that address disadvantage and increase the participation of women in all aspects of community life.
  • The Premier's Disability Advisory Council assists the Premier and Government to implement the Disability Framework for Action, and helps to promote the inclusion and participation of people with disability in community life.
  • The Multicultural Consultative Reference Group advises the Government on multicultural issues, and on development and implementation of the Tasmanian Government Multicultural Policy and Action Plan.
  • The Veterans' Reference Group provides a link between Tasmania’s Veterans and the Tasmanian Government, with members giving advice and insight on a wide range of veterans related issues.