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The Women's Suffrage Association was superseded by the WPA in 1904, once Tasmanian parliament granted women's suffrage. It was a non-party educational and lobbying group interested in laws affecting women and children.

Ida McAulay was the first president until 1905.

The early non-party stance changed under Emily Dobson's leadership. The WPA aimed to 'increase loyalty and the spirit of true liberalism, raise the standard of public life, and improve the position of women'. Whilst it was the only political group to discuss specific women's issues, it had little practical results and effectively only supported the male dominated Liberal Party.

Reference :

Alexander, A., The Public Role of Women in Tasmania, 1803-1914, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Tasmania, 1989

This entry was researched and written by Wendy Rimon, B.A.

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