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Nan Chauncy"No ranking in Australian children’s literature is too high for Nan Chauncy. She has created some of our most enduring stories, and given us some of our most memorable characters." John Marsden

Nan Chauncy was a distinguished award-winning writer who, in 1961, was the first Australian author to be awarded the international honour of the Hans Christian Andersen Diploma of Merit. Her books have been translated into thirteen languages and her first novel, "They Found a Cave" (1948), was made into a feature film in 1960. More recently, her award-winning novel "Devil’s Hill" was dramatised in the bicentennial television series, 'Touch the Sun'. Nan Chauncy is commemorated in the Children’s Book Council quin-quennial Nan Chauncy award for Children’s Literature. Her home in Tasmania, Chauncy Vale, is now the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary and is open to the public. [Reproduced from the Pan Macmillan Australia website]

Information on Chauncy Vale, where some of Nan's publications can be purchased, is available at the Chauncy Vale website

Biography :

Eastman, Berenice, Nan Chauncy: a writer's life, Bagdad, Tas.: Friends of Chauncy Vale, 2000

Nan Chauncy publications available at the State Library of Tasmania include:

Devil's Hill c 1958 (1959 Children's Book of the Year Award)
A fortune for the brave c1954
Half a world away 1962
High and haunted Island 1964
Hunted in their own land 1967
Lighthouse keeper's son 1969
Lizzie Lights 1968
Mathinna's people 1967
The Roaring 40 1963
The secret friends 1962
The skewbald pony 1965
Tangara 1961 (1961 Children's Book of the Year Award)
They found a cave c1949
Tiger in the bush 1957 (1958 Children's Book of the Year Award)
World's end was home 1952


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