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(1884 — 1952)
Bushwalker, Mountaineer, Botanist, Painter

Florence Perrin was born in Launceston in 1884. She was a keen bushwalker and mountaineer, being the first woman to climb many of the peaks in the Cradle Mountain — Lake St. Clair region. From 1914 to 1917 she climbed Mt Pelion, Mt Achilles, Mt Thetis, Perrin’s Bluff and Mt Ossa. Perrin’s Bluff was named after her.

Florence was almost certainly the first woman in Northern Tasmania to take up snow skiing, being a founding member of the Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club.

Florence’s interests were wide ranging. She was:

A founding member of the Country Women’s Association in Tasmania, donating the land at Low Head for the CWA holiday home. She worked tirelessly for the CWA for many years.
An active member of the Launceston Horticultural Society. Florence’s interest in botany enabled her to collect almost all of the ninety-plus orchids native to Tasmania
Co-author with A. Lucas of Seaweeds of South Australia, which is recognised as a standard work.
Florence was a keen painter, using the medium of water colours to paint all the flowers she collected. Her other interests included rug-making, cooking, cabinet-making and photography. During both world wars Florence worked for the Red Cross and for the Comforts Fund in Launceston.

A stained glass window was donated to St. Aidan’s Church by her husband in her memory upon her death in 1952. Women Tasmania has featured a painting of Florence by John Lendis on its latest poster.

Publications by Florence Perrin :

Lucas, A.H.S. & Perrin, Florence, The Seaweeds of South Australia, Adelaide: Govt. Printer, 1936-1947.

References :

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