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ArtistEdith Holmes

Edith Holmes

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More information about Edith can be found in the following publications held in the Tasmaniana Collection at the State Library of Tasmania:

Glenorchy Antique Bazaar and Art Gallery, Edith Holmes: catalogue and biographical notes, Hobart: [s.n.], 1976.

Kolenberg, Hendrik, Edith Holmes, Dorothy Stoner, two retrospectives, [Hobart]: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 1983.

University of Tasmania, Edith Holmes (Man and his art, IV), an exhibition arranged by the Fine Arts Committee, University of Tasmania, 1970.

Art Society of Tasmania, Edith Holmes memorial exhibition, 1974, catalogue, Hobart: The Society, 1974.

Australian women artists, one hundred years: 1840-1940 : [Exhibition catalogue] / research officer Janine Burke, Melbourne: Ewing and George Paton Galleries, Melbourne University Union, 1976.


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