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Danielle WoodThe author of the 2002 Australian Vogel Literary Prize winning novel The Alphabet of Light and Dark, Danielle Wood, was born in Tasmania in 1972. She was educated at The Friends' School in  Hobart, and holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English from the University of Tasmania and a PhD in English from Edith Cowan University. Danielle worked as a journalist before taking time out to write her first novel, which was inspired by the adventures of her lighthouse keeper great-great grandfather. Set mostly on Bruny Island, southeast of Tasmania, The Alphabet of Light and Dark has gone on to win the 2004 Dobbie Award for a first novel by an Australian woman. Danielle lives in Hobart with her husband John, her daughter Xanthe, a handsome kelpie called Axel and a motley crew of chickens and sheep.

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