In February 2010, the Commonwealth Government asked the Productivity Commission (PC) to undertake an inquiry into a national disability long-term care and support scheme.

The PC released its Inquiry report in August 2011, which suggested a new approach for funding and delivering long-term support for people living with disability in Australia - a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). You can view information about the inquiry, and the inquiry report by clicking on this link:

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) welcomed the release of the PC Report and agreed on the need for major reform of disability services in Australia through the development of an NDIS.

COAG established a Select Council of Treasurers and Disability Services Ministers (the Select Council) to consider the PC's recommendations, progress work on the foundations for disability services reform and provide advice to COAG on funding and governance options. Tasmania is represented on the Select Council by the Premier Lara Giddings MP in her capacity as Treasurer, and Minister for Human Services, Cassy O'Connor MP.

The Tasmanian government has been working with the other jurisdictions to support the Commonwealth Government to introduce an NDIS.

The Commonwealth Government has committed $1 billion to support the first stage of the NDIS. The funding will see the NDIS start in mid-2013 for around 10,000 people with significant and permanent disabilities in select locations across the country. This will increase to 20,000 people from mid-2014.

More information about the NDIS can be found on the Commonwealth Government's NDIS website at:

National Disability Insurance Scheme Helpline Phone 1800 800 110.