Booking and using Auslan interpreters

A checklist for providing Auslan interpreters – Auslan is the language of the Australian Deaf community.

Auslan interpreters

Have you:

  • Booked as early as possible - at least a month prior to the event?  Contact Auslan Connections to make a booking.
  • Clarified the booking cancellation policy to ensure you know the last date for cancellation without payment?
  • Clarified with the booking agency the number of interpreters required (for longer sessions, interpreters will generally work in pairs)?
  • Booked interpreters for all social events associated with the main event?
  • If using only one interpreter, scheduled regular breaks for the interpreter to rest?
  • Provided the interpreter with as much information as possible about the program, names of speakers, presentation notes and background information to assist in preparation?
  • Briefed presenters on the use of interpreters. See below for information on working with interpreters?
  • Made sure the seating for the person using the interpreter gives a good view of the interpreter?
  • Placed the interpreter close to the speaker at the same eye level with good lighting on them?
  • Checked with the person who needs the interpreter about the best position for the interpreter in any workshop sessions?

Tips for working with interpreters

  • Speak clearly and at your usual pace. It is easier for the interpreter to establish the context if you speak normally.
  • A person who is Deaf may require more time to answer any questions to allow for the time lag as the interpreting process takes place. This is especially important in group discussions.
  • Allow time for the person who is Deaf to take notes or read any printed material - it is not possible to watch an interpreter and read/write at the same time.

Download the Checklist - Booking and Using Auslan Interpreters (PDF, 277.96KB)

This checklist is one of a series that support the Guidelines for Accessible Events