Accessibility for Events: Catering

Catering is an area that is sometimes overlooked when considering the needs of people with disability.


Have you:

  • Made sure staff are available to assist people with mobility and vision impairments to select and carry food if required?
  • Made sure that food serving areas are at a height that can be seen and accessed by people using wheelchairs?
  • Made some tables and chairs available for people who are not able to stand for long or who need to place their food on a table to eat?
  • Provided a choice of cups and mugs? Mugs may be easier to handle than cups or plastic cups.
  • Made drinking straws available for people who may not be able to handle a cup or mug?
  • Made sure that beverages and food are not set too far back on the table and not too high (such as tall urns that must be pressed from the top)?
  • Made sure common dietary requirements are addressed, for example vegetarian, vegan, gluten free?

This checklist is one of a series that support the Guidelines for Accessible Events.

Download the Accessibility Checklist for Catering (PDF, 121.31KB)