Sporting Competitions Access Fund 2021-22

Status: OPEN

Applications open on Monday, 16 August 2021, and will close at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 or when program funds are exhausted.

CSR will provide written advice on the outcome of the application.


The purpose of the Sporting Competitions Access Fund (the Fund) is to assist athletes with disability, enabling them to compete in national or international sporting competitions and allowing them to excel in their chosen sport at the highest possible level.


  • Eligible applicants are:
    • Non Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) scholarship athletes with disability for expenses incurred by themselves, their coach and/or identified carer to attend a national or international level competition; and
    • Coaches and/or identified carers only of TIS scholarship athletes with disability for expenses incurred to support the athlete at the same national or international level competition.
  • Grants are available for eligible applicants attending national or international level competitions held in Australia or overseas.
  • Grants for national level selection competitions or selection camps will also be considered.
  • The sport must be recognised by Sport Australia.
  • Athletes must be able to demonstrate their selection for the event is based on merit and is fully endorsed by the relevant state or national sporting organisation.
  • Coaches and/or identified carers of a TIS scholarship athlete with disability must be endorsed by the TIS.
  • Funding from all sources should be detailed and attached to the application.
  • Applications must be received before departure for the competition.
  • Grants will cover eligible costs incurred by the successful applicant, up to a maximum amount of $6 000, for each national or international sporting competition.
  • Eligible costs covered by the Fund include competition registration fees, travel (including additional baggage and freight of essential equipment) and accommodation for the eligible applicant.
  • Eligible competitions are those held between 16 August 2021 and 30 November 2022.

Funding available

  • The Fund is open each financial year until 31 May or until available funds are exhausted. Applications will be assessed on a ‘first-in’ basis. Total funding available in 2021-22 is $150 000.
  • An athlete with disability may receive a grant of up to $6 000 to support themselves, their coach and/or identified carer for each national and international sporting competition.
  • A coach or identified carer of a TIS athlete with disability may receive a grant of up to $6 000 to support the athlete at each of the same national or international sporting competition.
  • Funding will be released to successful applicants on their return from the competition, on receipt of proof of attendance (such as boarding pass, event results, or other relevant documentation).
  • Applicants are eligible for two grants per financial year.
  • In the case of four or more separate applications being made for one event (or for teams’ events), total funding will be limited to $12 000 for that event with the funds being divided between the successful applicants.

Guidelines and Application Form

Applicants should read and understand the program Guidelines prior to applying.

How to apply: Details on how to apply are included in the program Guidelines and Application Form.

Important Information around COVID19

All applicants funded under this Grants Program must comply with any COVID-19 requirements and restrictions for events in place at the time of their event, including the Tasmanian Government’s A Framework for COVID-19 Safe Events and Activities in Tasmania.

Further Information

For further information, please contact CSR  by emailing or phoning on 1800 252 476.