Status: CLOSED

Emergency Assistance Grant


The purpose of the Emergency Assistance Grant is to assist impacted people in affected areas, to obtain:

  • essential and appropriate shelter
  • clothing
  • food, transport and/or
  • personal items.

General Eligibility

Emergency Assistance Grants are paid where it is evident that an individual or family are unable to live in their principle place of residence as a result of the event, and in need of financial support to obtain essential and appropriate shelter, food, transport and/or personal items.

Identification must be provided along with evidence of the family composition.

Temporary Emergency Accommodation


Temporary Emergency Accommodation is provided:

  • Where an individual or family cannot safely return to their place of residence; and
  • The individual or family has no other accommodation they can access (such as friends or family)

General Eligibility

  • Individuals and families reside in areas impacted by an eligible event (such as the current bushfires); and
  • The individual or family are in genuine need and are not able to meet their accommodation needs through other means; and
  • Identification must be provided

For further information, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation by emailing or phoning on 1800 204 224.