The Targeted Youth Support service (TYSS) is a statewide service that provides support to vulnerable young people through intensive, therapeutic case management. Specialist support services are needed that assertively target young people who have disengaged from statutory and community based support services. Specifically the service aims to:

  1. improve developmental outcomes for young people;
  2. improve wellbeing and safety;
  3. reduce offending and / or reoffending;
  4. reduce individual and family risk factors and / or reduced impact of risk factors coupled with increased protective factors;
  5. increase levels of connectedness with family, community and schools;
  6. improve stability in accommodation and reduce risk of homelessness and/ or inappropriate accommodation; and
  7. improve capacity to maintain tenancy.

The service supports approximately 140 young Tasmanians annually and has been operational since 2010. There is a strong evidence base that the provision of support to vulnerable young people who are disengaged from the community can result in significant benefits to both the young person and broader society.

Recently a thorough review and evaluation of the service was conducted to assess its effectiveness and value for money. As a result of the strong positive findings of the review, funding was approved for a further 3 year period.

The review findings are documented in the full report below, and an executive summary is also available outlining all of the recommendations for future development of the service.

 Targeted Youth Support Services (TYSS) Mid-Term Review

 Targeted Youth Support Services (TYSS) Mid-Term Review - Summary Report