Family Violence Counselling and Support Service

1800 608 122

9am – midnight weekdays

4pm – midnight weekends & public holidays

DHHS Family Violence Counselling and Support Service offer a specialised response to assist children, young people and adults affected by family violence. This service is part of the Safe at Home strategy; a Tasmanian whole of government response to family violence in conjunction with the Safe Homes, Safe Families initiative, having a strong focus on safety for Tasmanian families.

FVCSS provide a direct contact number for anyone affected by family violence or anyone seeking information about supporting someone affected by family violence.

Services offered by FVCSS include:

  • Information, counselling & support for adults, carers, children and young people
  • Information and support to family and friends
  • Information to other services supporting people affected by family violence
  • Assistance to manage safety
  • Assistance to access police
  • referral and advocacy  in organising a safe place to stay
  • Referrals to other Safe at Homes partner agencies, legal services, financial advice and counselling, parenting support across government and non-government
  • Group work programs for affected people.Further information can be obtained via the brochures below or by contacting the Family Violence Counselling and Support Service (FVCSS).

The service operates from 9am to midnight weekdays and 4pm to midnight weekends and public holidays.

Statewide - 1800 608 122 (free call from a land line)

If someone is at risk or in danger, call Tasmania Police on 000.

Family Violence Counselling and Support Service has offices in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. Appointments may also be made to see clients in other locations.

For Adults:
Services are available to anyone who needs support or information because their partner or ex-partner is or has been violent or abusive to them. People can self-refer, or be referred by another person or service. Services are offered to people in heterosexual or same-sex relationships. As a Safe at Home partner many of the referrals to FVCSS come from Tasmania Police, as well as other sources

For children and young people:
The FVCSS Children and Young Persons Program (CHYPP) provide therapeutic counselling to children and young people affected by family violence.

All services are free and voluntary.

FVCSS is part of the Tasmanian’s government Safe at Home strategy and as such contributes to information sharing across government whose responsibility it is to keep victims safe from ongoing family violence. Your information is subject to the State’s Privacy Provisions and FVCSS takes your right to privacy and confidentiality seriously. Where personal safety is threatened or severely compromised information will be shared with the Safe Homes, Safe Families partners. Your consent for this to occur will be sought at the time of engagement with this service and any questions that you have will be answered at that time. The purpose of sharing information is to support the management of ongoing risk for adults and children affected by family violence.

Administrative Phone Number

Please contact the Family Violence Counselling and Support Service in your area if you require counselling and support on 1800 608 122.

Other information in relation to the program can be found by contacting the administrative office between 9am - 5pm weekdays

North West: (03) 6477 7593/1800 608 122
North: (03) 6336 2692/1800 608 122
South: (03) 6166 0440/1800 608 122

Further information can be found at:

Safe at Home website

Safe Homes, Safe Families

Family Violence Response and Referral Line 1800 633 937

Court Support and Liaison Service 1300 663 773

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