A family group conference is a formal meeting for family members to talk about what can be done to make sure their child or young person is safe. The family is asked to be involved in making plans for the child and to consider the issues raised by Child Safety Service.

Why have a Family Group Conference?

Family group conferencing was introduced to Tasmania through the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1997 (CYPF Act 1997). The CYPF Act 1997 is the key piece of legislation covering child protection issues in Tasmania. The Act states that there are certain circumstances under which a family group conference must be convened.

Family group conferencing is a way of planning for a child's future and reviewing past decisions.Mother and Children

Family group conferences allow families to have their say and to meet in private to develop their plan.

Family members, and professionals who have participated in family group conferences before, say that they are a good way of working together in the best interests of children and young people.

Who organises the Family Group Conference?

Child Safety Service are responsible for delivering the Family Group Conference Program in Tasmania. Family group conferences are organised by trained professionals called facilitators. Facilitators are independent of Child Safety Service.

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