About the Strong Families, Safe Kids Redesign Project

The State Government is committed to improving the child protection system in Tasmania to better protect our most vulnerable children.

A comprehensive Redesign of the Child Protection Services was initiated in August 2015.

The overriding goal of the Redesign is to secure the safety of children by doing the very best we can all do to support their families and communities.

A Redesign Reference Group was set up to develop the Redesign. The final report of the Reference Group is called Redesign of Child Protection Services Tasmania: Strong Families, Safe Kids. It was released on 15 March 2016.

The Government agreed to all of the report’s recommendations.

Download a copy of the Redesign Report here

Strong Families, Safe Kids Implementation Plan

The Strong Families, Safe Kids Implementation Plan outlines the actions the Tasmanian Government will take to build an integrated system that can respond innovatively and effectively to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, and to support families and communities in doing so.

The Implementation Plan not only addresses the specific recommendations of the Strong Families,  Safe Kids Redesign Report, but also articulates the steps required to fundamentally change the way government and non-government agencies work collaboratively to deliver services to improve the wellbeing of all Tasmanian children.

The Implementation Plan articulates five key strategies that form the architecture of the redesign of the child protection system:

1 - Placing the well-being of children at the centre of services

2 - Building a common, integrated risk assessment and planning system

3 - Creating a single front door

4 - Providing better support for children and their families

5 - Redesigning the Child Protection Service with additional support

Download a copy of the Implementation Plan

Contact Us

A dedicated project team is leading the implementation of the 30 actions detailed in the Strong Families, Safe Kids Implementation Plan.

You can get in touch with the project team via email at childwellbeing@communities.tas.gov.au