Supporting Grandparent Carers Program

There are a number of reasons that grandparents and other relatives take on the care of children within their family, and this is often in response to family crisis.

Support for grandparents and other relatives who are caring for related children through informal arrangements is provided by the Supporting Grandparent Carers Program.

For more information about the Program, contact the Advice and Referral Line on 1800 000 123.

Informal Kinship Care Review

Be part of our consultation and tell us about your experience as an informal kinship carer

Children, Youth and Families in the Department of Communities Tasmania is reviewing Informal Kinship Care services. This will inform the development of the informal kinship carer liaison and support pilot.  The pilot will assist grandparents and other informal kinship carers by providing them with access to necessary advice and support when they require it.

The purpose of the Informal Kinship Care Review is to improve supports to informal kinship carers, including:

  • determining how an Informal Kinship Care Support Service pilot might best work and how it could meet people’s needs,
  • identifying changes to enhance the current Grandchildren Living with Grandparents Program,
  • confirming the effectiveness of current programs and identify ways to extend programs that are working well, and
  • aligning the pilot with current work being undertaken by the Foster and Kinship Carer’s Association of Tasmania.

The government recognises and values the vital role of grandparents and other relatives caring for children who are unable to safely live with their parents.

Mr Frank Ogle, who is undertaking the review, has had over 30 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in both the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Governments. In more recent times he has undertaken critical projects and consultancies for a range of agencies and organisations.

Review Update

A targeted consultation was undertaken in the second half of 2020 and Frank met and spoke to a number of organisations and individuals.

The review is progressing and will be finalised early in 2021.  A summary report of the review findings will be available here once finalised. All those that have provided feedback will receive an email alert confirming the report is available online for viewing.