Do you have a complaint, would you like to make a comment, or are you seeking a review of a decision?

Child Safety Service is committed to protecting children and young people.  Youth Justice Services aims to supervise and assist children and young people who have offended.

You might want to comment on, or complain about, our services, especially if you have an issue with:

  • a decision we have made
  • the service we have given you and/or
  • the behaviour of our staff.

Who can complain?

You can make a complaint about a service if you are a client of a service (whether adult, young person or child); a friend, relative or guardian of a client; a service provider; or anyone who has a valid interest in an issue.

You can complain about a service provided by Child Safety or Youth Justice Services if you believe they:

  • failed to properly look after you, your family or friend
  • failed to give you enough information or you feel  your rights were denied
  • denied your respect, dignity or privacy
  • were not dedicated and/or
  • caused you concern for any other reason.

Seeking a review of a decision

You have the right to be told about a Children and Youth Services decision that affects you, and the reasons behind a decision. This usually happens through meetings with staff members, or through more formal planning meetings.

In Child Safety a family group conference can be held to review previous agreements or care arrangements.

At Ashley Youth Detention Centre you can meet and talk to the Manager.

You also have the right to say when you do not agree with a decision, and expect that your views will be listened to and considered.