The Department of Communities Tasmania is made up of three operational divisions that are supported by Corporate Resources and the Office of the Secretary.

The Department is also responsible for a number of functions that relate to specific population cohorts and actions that fall within the scope of Communities Tasmania.


  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Communities, Sport and Recreation
  • Housing, Disability and Community Services


  • Corporate Services
  • Office of the Secretary

Communities Tas organisation structural - details provided as page content

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  • Secretary - Michael Pervan
    • Director, Office of the Secretary - Alex Schouten
    • Manager, Board of Exceptional Needs  - Diane Caney
    • Child Advocate - Sonya Pringle-Jones
    • Commander, Emergency Operations Centre - Fiona  Lieutier
  • Deputy Secretary, Children, Youth and Families - Mandy Clarke
    • Director, Child and Family Services - Claire Lovell
    • Director, Strategic Policy, Quality and Workforce Development
    • Director,  Youth and Family Violence Services - Pam Honan
    • Children, Youth and Families Reform
  • Deputy Secretary, Communities, Sport and Recreation - Kate Kent
    • Director, Tasmanian Institute of Sport - Paul Austen
    • Manager, Sport and Recreation - Helen Langenberg
    • A/Manager, Grants, Sport and Recreation Infrastructure - Jackie Honey
    • A/Manager, Policy and Programs - Jen Heffernan
  • Deputy Secretary,  Housing, Disability, Community Services - Peter White
    • Tenancy Services
    • Director,  Disability and Community Services - Ingrid Ganley
    • Director, Housing Programs - Jessemy Stone
    • Director, Portfolio and Supply - Richard Gilmour
    • Manager, Program Support - Warren Lewis
  • Executive Director,  Corporate Resources - Kathy Baker
    • Director, People and Culture - Rachel Riseley
    • Principal Finance Officer, Budget and Finance - Rod Fazackerley
    • Director, Information Systems and Strategy - Katie Ault
    • Director, Strategic Reform - Ross Hinkley 
      • Inquiry Support Unit
    • Manager, Governance, Risk and Performance - Deborah Pedley
    • Manager, Legislation and Legal Services - Paula Becker
    • Business Manager, Silverdome - Patrick Ryan
  • Executive Director - Mel Gray
    • Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy
    • Family Safety  Secretariat
    • A/Manager, Office of Aboriginal Affairs - Brett Noble