Communities Tasmania Strategic Plan 2019-2023Image of the Strategic Plan Poster - detailed in text above.

The full Communities Tasmania Strategic Plan 2019-2023 can be accessed here.

A printable version of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 poster can be accessed here.

Our Vision

Communities in Tasmania are strong, active and inclusive.

Our Mission

Empower individuals, families and communities to thrive.

Our Values





Strategic Objective

  1. Work with communities to offer all Tasmanians the opportunity to participate positively in community life.
  2. Work with partners to identify and pursue early opportunities to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.
  3. Work with families, carers and the community to keep children and young people safe.
  4. Work together to continue to build a high performing, committed and engaged organisation.
  5. Work with community, sport and recreation organisations to support the growth of strong and sustainable sectors.

Key Enablers

Valued Partnerships

Collaborate with communities, industry and across government to deliver effective and integrated services, policies and programs for Tasmanian communities.

Accountable Organisation

Develop the quality and accountability mechanisms to deliver outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Strong Systems

Ensure our systems and infrastructure are fit for purpose.


Continuously improve the way we design programs, services and tools to put people at the centre.

Well Supported People

Build the capability of our people and support networks.


Improve the way we develop, apply, share, and integrate information.