The Communities Tasmania 12 Month Interim Plan identifies our priorities for 2018-19 and how as an organisation we aim to achieve these.

Our Core Elements

Building healthy,vibrant and inclusive communities

Helping Tasmanians to participate and achieve in life,sport and recreation

Supporting the wellbeing of children, young people and their families

Delivering services that meet the needs of individuals


Our Early Priorities

Investing in Children and
Young People

Operationalise the Child
Advice and Referral Service
and Alliance

Extend support for young
people in Foster Care,
including assistance and
incentives to stay engaged
with education

Commence the upgrade
of Ashley Youth Detention

Continue to Implement the
Youth at Risk Strategy

Extend the National Disability
Insurance Scheme to children
aged 0-3

Implement Ticket to Play
(Sports Voucher Scheme)

Growing the pool of foster
care places

Supporting Adults

Develop a Whole of
Government Action Plan to
Reduce Sexual Violence in

Implement the Tasmanian
Carer Action Plan

Continue to implement
Tasmania’s Active Ageing Plan

Commence implementation
of the Tasmanian’s Women’s
Strategy 2018-21

Extend the National Disability
Insurance Scheme to adults
aged 35-64

Strengthening Families

Release Quality and
Accountability Framework for
Out of Home Care and future
model for Foster and Kinship

Evaluate services to provide
intensive therapeutic support
to vulnerable families

Support the implementation
of Safe Homes, Safe Families
– Tasmania’s Family Violence
Action Plan 2015-2020

Support peak bodies to provide direct advice to government, build inclusive communities and raise awareness of services for
priority population groups

Lead whole of government policy initiatives, programs and services to enhance and strengthen economic and social outcomes for the Tasmanian community

Strengthening Communities

Progress with the Implementation of:
Accessible Island, Tasmania’s Disability Framework for Action
The Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014
Safe Home, Safe Families – Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan

Progress the land return review project

Implement 10 year Aboriginal housing and funding agreements with
Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island

Deliver a range of competitive grant programs and specific funding

Develop and support a vibrant and inclusive sport and recreation
sector and lead Tasmania’s high performance athletes

Building Community

Release the Affordable
Housing Action Plan Stage II

Invest in improved sport
facilities and boosting

Support Tasmania’s
Neighbourhood Houses and
Men’s Sheds

The Way we Work

Delivering Effective Services Through
Integration, Evidence and Accountability

Communities Tasmania will support Tasmanians to
thrive through learning, evidence-based decision
making, continuous quality improvement and
accountability for truly making a difference for
individuals, families and communities.

Fostering a Supportive and Rewarding
Organisational Culture

Communities Tasmania recognises the dedication
and commitment of its staff and will actively foster
an organisational culture that respects contributions,
celebrates success and supports staff professionally
and personally.

Building Collaborative Relationships

Communities Tasmania understands that expertise and
wisdom is found in many areas across our community and will build a strong and open framework for
collaboration in setting its priorities and designing its
policies and programs.

Setting a Shared Agenda

Communities Tasmania respects that real change takes time and that its priorities must be set being mindful of long-term change. Communities Tasmania will work with stakeholders, individuals and families to develop a medium-long term plan for delivering its vision.


A printable version of the Communities Tasmania 12 Month Interim Plan can be accessed here.