Communities Tasmania is committed to creating strong, active and inclusive communities. The name of this Agency is significant and reflects the Tasmanian Government’s ongoing commitment to work in close partnership with the community, for the community.

Communities Tasmania brings together a range of functions, programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing and improving the lives of all Tasmanians. To create strong, active and inclusive communities the Department will collaborate with our community based partners to empower individuals and families throughout Tasmania to lead fulfilling lives.

Communities Tasmania provides opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in community life and sport and recreation; supports, protects and nurtures vulnerable children, young people and their families; delivers and facilitates specialist disability services; and provides services to support social and affordable housing.

Our client services include:

  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Housing, Disability and Community Services
  • Communities, Sport and Recreation
  • Silverdome

Signed Michael

Michael Pervan